Elena Eustache

Actress, Comedian, and Coach


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It’s just after lunch. You have cleared up the kitchen. All is in ‎place and you give a sigh of relief. You put water on to boil for ‎tea, gather the book you are dying to finish and your two ‎middle children who generally get on so well, start arguing. ‎The tones get higher and higher and you hear a sudden ‎yell, then a crash and then a cry. At that exact moment, ‎the phone rings and you pick up automatically. It’s your ‎mom. While you are juggling between listening and ‎answering her questions, your heart is pounding and the ‎blood is rushing to your head. You start to say “Mommy the ‎kids are fighting, I have to go to see ……” but she carries on ‎and you do not have the heart to stop her story. You ‎repeatedly cover the phone and shout “Children, what is ‎going on there”?‎
Just then your adolescent daughter screams at you from ‎the top of the stairs that she needs to be taken to the mall ‎right NOW and then your baby wakes up crying from all the ‎noise. ‎

Parent Counselling


They say that that we need a certificate to do anything in ‎this world except to become a parent. There is no ‎qualification or certificate required to bring a child into this ‎world. ‎

You are at work. The kindergarten teacher calls to say that ‎your child is sick and needs to be taken home. You are in the ‎middle of an important project and you call your spouse ‎who too is otherwise engaged and can absolutely not ‎leave his/her job to pick up the child. You go to your supervisor ‎and explain that you must leave immediately. Concern, ‎Resentment, Anger and Frustration builds up. As you take ‎your feverish child home, your heart filled with compassion, ‎you seethe. Your other child is so happy to have you home ‎that you forget how angry and resentful you feel. However, when your ‎spouse comes home after the children are in bed, he or she ‎throws their briefcase down and says: “My Goodness, what ‎a day!” You explode.‎

Parenting or child rearing is a full time job and as the child ‎grows up, changes and diversifies, so do the challenges.‎
The miracle of a child in our lives is a catalyst that will ‎transform our inner and interpersonal relationships. As a ‎family grows, parents need to adapt and adjust in order to ‎integrate each child into a new family constellation.‎
Parenting is a process that contains, protects and guides ‎this innocent being from infancy, through childhood and ‎adolescence into adulthood. At different stages of a child’s ‎development there are different physical, mental, social, ‎emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs which all need to ‎be addressed. ‎
How do we manage to consider everyone’s changing ‎needs including your own and create a functional family ‎while keeping sane?‎
No matter how loving or dedicated we are, bringing up ‎children can be overwhelming at times and we all need ‎direction as well as a sense of humor.‎
Family counseling is a way to learn to understand and ‎communicate your feelings to each other. By reducing ‎strain one reduces repetitive conflicts. We learn how to ‎cope with and recognize signs that can help us deal with ‎new situations more easily and therefore give us more time ‎to enjoy the rewards of having a family. ‎

Elena Eustache is a multifaceted human being. She is an ‎actress, stand up comedian and a relationship coach. She ‎appeared on “The Funniest Mom in America 3.” She counsels parents on how to be the best parent and person they can be.‎

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Author: Elena Eustache

Actress, Comedienne and Coach. Lives in Los Angeles

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