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Actress, Comedian, and Coach

Love and Relationship Coaching

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Love is Commitment

Elena Eustache Relationship CoachLove is commitment and we often don’t keep commitments to our self or others yet we seek love. How is that work. If I don’t truly love my self or someone else because I keep breaking commitments – how do I create loving relationship. Love is giving and receiving there needs to be balance , boundaries and communication.We often complain about the significant other or the lack of one in our ‎life. It seems as if the one we chose is long gone and the person in front ‎of us is an imposter.‎

Many of us are looking for a loving partnership. We have created a ‎vision of the perfect partner who generally does not quite fit the picture ‎we conjured in our mind. It does not ever occur to us that perhaps we ‎are not ready for a relationship and the universe reflects this to us time ‎and time again. When we are ready we shall overlook the ‎discrepancies between the list and the reality and experience a ‎relationship. ‎


There is very little interpersonal communication in this day and age. ‎Everyone seems to have a very personal relationship with their mobile ‎phone and computer. Just go to the first coffee shop and see what is ‎happening. We are communicating with anything except ourselves ‎and the person next to us. We do not want experience confrontation, ‎conflict and connection. When a date does not work out we rush home ‎back to the dating website to find a new and more suitable partner. ‎Sometimes it works but for the majority of us we keep trying to find love.‎ But unless our own heart is healed it is rarely possible to attract someone whole in our life too. The work and change starts within first.

If the core of our essence remains the same during our lifetime, how ‎come the person we meet and fell in love with seems so disconnected ‎from whom he/she was when we fell in love. Did they really change so ‎much or is it the circumstances, the lack of time, the stress over finance ‎and the sleepless nights taking care of children that changed? ‎


Sometimes all we need is a little guidance to check ourselves, our needs ‎and our dreams in order to establish or reestablish a relationship.‎

Elana Eustache is a professional relationship coach. She offers one-on-‎one and couple counseling and is devoted to helping men and ‎women learn to express their wants and needs with integrity and ‎honesty.‎


Author: Elena Eustache

Actress, Comedienne and Coach. Lives in Los Angeles

One thought on “Love and Relationship Coaching

  1. Great post that speaks the truth. Love is a commitment that requires communication between the two parties for a successful relationship.

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