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The Yuen Method of Healing

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The body mind connection

Elena Eustache Yuen MethodThe body mind connection has been studied for thousands of years in ‎China and the Far East. Life force (Qi) or Prana is the energy running in ‎our bodies. This is the underlying principle of Chinese medicine and the ‎Martial Arts. This knowledge has been integrated into the Western ‎alternative healing methods.‎

Feelings and emotions are stored in the body on a cellular level.
During our lifetime our body experiences physical and mental ‎challenges that we usually recall. We are unaware however that from ‎the day we are born (and some say in previous lives), our countless ‎conscious and subconscious memories, feelings and emotions are ‎stored in the body on a cellular level. They will affect our lives physically ‎mentally and spiritually if they haven’t been properly processed.‎

View point on Western and Eastern Medicine. What makes them ‎different?‎
In Western Medicine health is separated from the disease whereas in ‎Eastern Medicine its’ approach is holistic, seeing the body, soul and ‎mental state as a whole and in order to stay healthy, we aspire to keep ‎it in balance.‎

Dr Kam Yuen

Dr Kam Yuen, prominent Shaolin Kung-Fu grandmaster created The ‎Yuen Method of by merging ancient Chinese wisdom together with the ‎‎21st century quantum field theory, biochemistry and neuroanatomy. ‎The idea that there is a direct connection between our physical and ‎mental state and our body memories is the basis of his method. ‎
It is an inspirational and extremely effective and fast method whereby ‎the practitioner senses the patient’s field, receives sensations, images ‎and other intuitive information. By using the physical body’s reaction to ‎the intuitive questions or statements while being treated, the patient ‎becomes aware of the connection of the hidden emotion, thought or ‎memory in his body to his physical affliction. By removing the ‎connection between the two, relief is immediate.‎
Just as a computer expert can access data that seems to have ‎vanished from our work screen into cyberspace, the right healer can ‎access our data from our body and use the information for Healing.

Elena Eustache

Elena Eustache is a Certified Instructor of the Yuen method of ‎Chinese Energetics by Dr Kam Yuen.‎


Author: Elena Eustache

Actress, Comedienne and Coach. Lives in Los Angeles

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