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5 Reasons to Start Neurofeedback Therapy for Your Child

If you are a parent to a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) this is probably not the first time you’ve considered an alternative therapy method. The most common treatment offered to ADHD children today is medication, which often only replaces one problem with another. Instead of running wildly around with their friends your kid is now lying on the sofa, not wanting to do anything. Instead of not being able to concentrate they now have no appetite.ADHD child

If you experienced any of this you are probably thinking “there must be a better way!” Well, there is: neurofeedback therapy. This therapy is based on electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain waves to allow for self-regulation of brain activity.

Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to neurofeedback therapy:

1) Research has shown that immediately following neurofeedback sessions there is a significant improvement in a child’s inattentive and hyperactive behavior
2) Neurofeedback contributes to academic improvements because it helps the child develop learning strategies that are particularly adapted to their way of thinking
3) The improvements following one neurofeedback therapy session are greater, faster, and last longer than any other treatment method including medication
4) During the therapy the child receives the unlimited attention of the therapist and gets rewarded for their hard work through constructive feedback (many ADHD kids do not get to experience positive feedback from their teachers)
5) The neurofeedback therapy is based on the child’s own involvement and independent participation. Instead of sedating your kid with drugs, neurofeedback helps them gain the confidence to actively fight their disorder

The best thing about this kind of therapy is that it is completely natural, it gives the child a sense of independence, and it works better than any other treatment available.

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Short Biography

From Eastern Europe, where she was born in the Czech Republic, to Los Angeles in the United States that is home today, Dr. Elena Eustache’s acting career has been with her. As a 6-year-old on the stage in her native country, to her own television show in the US, Dr. Elena’s entertainment career has spanned many years. During the period of her studies at Columbia University in New York, she also performed at Caroline’s on Broadway where, she was then learning stand-up from Linda Smith. She also did courses at the William Esper Studios, with Bill Esper, and at the School for Film and Television. Dr. Elena’s show In the Heart of Stars is broadcast weekly on television, and she also participated in the reality show Funniest Mom in America. Utilizing all of her studies, training and experience, Dr. Elena created and produced her own weekly TV comedy series: The Ringmasters. She also played a part in the recent film The Informant, starring Matt Damon. Following this, she is turning her hand to documentary film making with American Windego, which she will also direct and produce. Dr. Elena Eustache also has two books to her credit – Yang, How to be Female and Yin, How to be Male.

The business, Yuen Excellence, that Elena Eustache own and manages, utilizes a totally different skill set. Through Yuen Excellence, Elena provides a range of services intended to improve one’s life and lifestyle, by making change from within. Elena has studied under some of the best known names in the various fields in which she specializes, and is herself a certified trainer. Elena uses methods such as Chinese energy healing and dowsing together with spiritual coaching and coaching for parents and couples. She does not identify with a specific religion, but has nevertheless helped many people worldwide to improve their lives and lifestyle.

Dr. Elena Eustache’s immersion in counseling and coaching made for a natural progression to studying psychology. With her PhD in psychology, Dr. Elena is able to offer her clients two additional treatment modalities: cognitive behavioral therapy and Neuro-biofeedback therapy. Both approaches empower the patient with the tools to remove and redirect negative patterns to bring about complete healing and enjoyment of life. Both therapies are available by individual appointment. Dr. Elena shares general information and self-help guidance through her extensive internet-based outreach and print media. Additionally, her popular website, DrElenaEustache holds a large library of celebrity interviews on topics such as forgiveness, love, relationships, communication and self-esteem.

Elena is the proud mother of a young son Naveen Joshua. Young Naveen is named after his father, British actor Naveen Andrews, known for his role in the television show Lost.