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Dowsing for Health and Wellbeing

Widely revered in the remarkable country of Egypt as far as 7000 years back, dowsing is a practice as steeped in mystery as the country it originated from. Although many common misconceptions exist, dowsing is not merely a method of finding water, minerals, oil or grave sites. This ancient art holds wide-ranging benefits not commonly recognized in modern society. It is a practical method of perceiving the subtle energies that are abundant throughout the world, albeit invisible. These energies have a direct impact on all living organisms and can adversely or constructively affect physical and mental health. Only through perception can negative energies be dispelled and positive energies be harnessed for personal enrichment and enhanced vitality.

Through the Ages

In history dowsing was used to locate auspicious premises for holy structures to be built. Pyramids, churches and temples in times past were constructed after consultation with highly esteemed dowsers. The specialist advice was also used when waging war. Positive and negative energy zones were detected and soldiers were instructed to drive enemy forces into the negative areas while fortifying their power by remaining on positive soil. This resulted in many great battles won by those who could afford the special service. In bygone eras dowsing was a restricted trade only taught to a small selection of individuals. The exclusivity resulted in the service being reserved for the royal, privileged and wealthy. Contemporary dowsing holds no such restrictions. Anybody can now study the ancient practice and the incredible range of benefits is accessible to more than just the affluent and elite.

Stress Lines and Negative Vortexes

Image courtesy of Photokanok / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Photokanok / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the most harmful areas in which to live is near a Geopathic Stress Line. With dowsing it is possible to locate these lines and block negative vortexes. Mineral deposits, fault lines and underground streams and crevices all emanate natural electromagnetic frequencies. These negative vortexes are holes that run counter-clockwise and can run many miles deep. Human interference magnifies and distorts the natural radiation and causes it to become harmful to life forms. It drains the individual and puts strain on the immune system. The devastating results can range from insomnia and irritability to chronic fatigue and cardiovascular problems. The scars of the earth literally wreak havoc with our bodies when interfered with unnaturally. Further negative energy comes from cell and radio towers, circuit breakers and satellite dishes. Energy from electricity and the energy created by negative experiences also contribute to poor physical and mental health. While sleeping in these areas, many individuals experience what they believe to be insomnia and nightmares but is actually caused by the negative vortex. The effects are strong between midnight and 6 a.m. and most intense between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. At this time the body is not able to achieve adequate rest and is not able to regenerate while resting. Children are likely to cry in these areas and dogs will not sit down voluntarily in a negative vortex.

Benefits of Dowsing

There are both positive and negative vortexes around and in all of us. While it is not impossible, it is very difficult to cure negative vortexes. By consulting a dowser, this negativity can be dealt with. The dowser will assess the home environment using dowsing rods and place the rods in the areas that are negative. Neutralizing the area creates a powerful connection with the quantum field. When balance is restored and energy flow is corrected, individuals in the immediate area and nearby are immediately relieved. Auto-immune systems start to function optimally again and the healing begins.